Sources of Memory and the Holocaust International Workshop: Contemporary Research, Challenges and Approaches

Last month, we held an extremely interesting international online workshop addressing the theme of ‘Sources of Memory and the Holocaust: Contemporary Research, Challenges and Approaches’, which covered a broad range of topics. For all those interested, we have uploaded the recordings of each panel to our YouTube page, below are the individual links to access these (for privacy reasons you can only access the videos by using the links provided below).

Panel ONE: The Visual and the Written: Sources of Text and Photography. Sources of Memory and the Holocaust,

Panel TWO: The Recollection of Memory: The Recollection of Memory: Sources of Testimony and Witness Experience,

Panel THREE: The Act of Remembrance: Sources of Performance, Art and Education. Sources of Memory and the Holocaust,

Panel FOUR: The Physical and the Object: Sources of Material Culture and Carriers of Memory. Sources of Memory and the Holocaust,

Panel FIVE: the Curated Space, Sources of Memorialisation, Archival Research and Museology,

Panel SIX: The Inheritance and Legacy of the Holocaust: Sources of Intergenerational and Comparative Memory,

Keynote ONE: Roma Sendyka, Polish Folk Art and the Holocaust: Perpetrator-Victim-Bystander Memory Transactions,

Keynote TWO: Natalia Aleksiun, Transmitting: The Second and Third Generation and Holocaust Microhistories,