Online Lectures/Workshops

Previous Events

17th December 2020

An Evening with Dorit Oliver-Wolff (BEM) – “Pop Star, Pin-up and Holocaust Survivor”

30th November 2020

“After the War: Auschwitz to Ambleside” : A Roundtable with children’s Author Tom Palmer, Trevor Avery of the Lake District Holocaust Project and Helen McCord of the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education (Hosted by Hannah Wilson & Elizabeth Kendrick, 30th November 2020)

In this dynamic online event, our guest speakers shared their experiences of working on Holocaust education for primary and younger audiences. They reflect on the work of their own institutions, as well as their methods of research and interaction with testimonial sources and authentic stories of those who survived. The discussion centres around Tom Palmer’s recent children’s book “After the War: Auschwitz to Ambleside”, and concludes with a Q&A session (please note that the introduction is missing from this recording, so dives straight in with discussion from Tom Palmer).

26th September 2020

A Lecture Evening with Professor James E. Young – The Stages of Memory: Reflections on Memorialisation and Global Commemoration (26th September, 2020).

25th/26th June 2020

Sources of Memory and the Holocaust: Contemporary Research, Challenges and Approaches – A Workshop. Click on the picture to access the programme and videos of this event.