Post-Graduate Community

Welcome to the British Association for Holocaust Studies Postgraduate Space!

This page is specifically for postgraduate students involved in the field of Holocaust studies at any level and in any discipline. Here you will find our monthly newsletter, information about upcoming events and details about our annual postgraduate conference. 

Our (free) annual postgraduate conference, is a great opportunity to practice giving a conference paper in a friendly and supportive environment and to meet other postgraduate students in the field. This one-day event has been held at The Jewish Museum, London (2016), The Wiener Library, London (2018), and The University of Sheffield (2019) and the University of Exeter (2020).

The 5th annual Post-Graduate conference will take place online on Friday 11th June, 2021. You can find the call for papers by clicking the link below.

The 4th annual Post-Graduate Conference was held at the University of Exeter on 6th March, 2020. The theme for the conference was “The Holocaust, Memory and Society” – you can read a summary of the day by clicking here.

We are keen to foster a real sense of community among postgraduates, despite the geographical distances between us. Watch this space for more information on how you can be a part of this community of researchers.

Click here to read the February 2021 PG Newsletter.

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Meet your Postgraduate Representatives:

I’m Sophie Bayer and I am a second-year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. My project examines a letter correspondence between German-Jewish emigrants and their friends who stayed in Germany during the years of the Third Reich. In particular, I am investigating the ways of how the necessity of narrative positioning forced those individuals to deal with their own agency and involvement during the years of Fascist rule.
Before coming to Edinburgh, I completed a MA in General and Comparative Literature at the Freie Universität Berlin and a BA in Literature, Arts & Media as well as British and American Studies at the University of Konstanz.

I’m Karen Treby, one of the BAHS Postgraduate Representatives for this year. I am a second-year part time (distance learning) PhD student at the University of Aberdeen. My thesis examines the impact of National Socialist biopolitical legislation and practices on women. Examining the impact of biopolitics on female agency, with the consideration of both gendercide and gendercoercion. This includes compulsory sterilisation of Jewish women and the Lebensborn project.